Casting Call – Music Video/Short Film

Production Type: Music Video/Short Film
Genre: Urban, R&B
Shooting June 2018
Shooting Days: 1
Low budget (High Quality) Production
Non-Union/Food/Credit/Atlanta Artist Lab Membership

Tasha – Female, to appear late 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. Boisterous sidekick in a quirky but bad-ass all-girl crew and right-hand woman to the lead character.  She always rides shotgun and is ready to take action whenever, wherever. She’s unintentionally hilarious to others but always serious about what she’s saying.

Sam & Tam – Females to appear late 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. Part of the crew.  Tam is a little dim-witted.  Sam keeps her on track.  Voluptuous, statuesque dancers who move extremely well (Dance styles/influences: hip-hop, jazz, funk). 5’6″+ strongly preferred, but not required. Open to ‘non-traditional’ dance-body types.

Tre – Male, to appear late 20s-30s.  Any ethnicity.  Tall, handsome, slick.  On-again/off-again love interest of the lead female character.  Being faithful is not his strong suit.

The Other Woman – Female, to appear late 20s-30s.  Doe-eyed, timid, naive.  She has no clue she’s being played.

Rico – Male, to appear 20s-30s.  Any ethnicity.  Friend of the crew.  Unlikely security guard.  Strong dancer. Vogue hand performance skills strongly preferred.


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